The best technology of construction

RAYGLASS products are composite materials realised with glass fibre with a matrix of thermosetting resin


What we do

Our materials are tested in certified laboratories to assure the customer a high quality standard


"Our aim is to work synergetically with our clients to develop materials according to their needs. We focus on dynamism and flexibility to achieve our prerogative... Client satisfaction!"

RAYGLASS pultruded products provide guranteed levels of mechanical resitance, fire resistance, smoke opacity in case of fire, electric and thermal isolation, chemical resitance, UV ray resistance. Furthermore, in addition to very low thermal dilation indexes, they are extremely light weight.

During the process of pultrusion, it is possible to associate different finishing or cladding materials to the glass fibre, including thin amorphous silicone film.

  • Design and realisation of new molds to our customers’ requests
  • Study and projection of new material for special applications
  • Cutting and working of profiles to the specification of our clients
  • Warehouse, well stocked with standard sized material